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Preeti Jain

While looking for a personal loan for House Construction, I heard about BigBull. I met with the staff; they all were very supportive and helped me in completing the documentation process.

Vineet Rastogi

The low-interest rate had always been my priority before taking a Business loan. And I’m happy because I finally found a friend like BigBull who provided me the funds with nominal rates.

Puneet Verma

No one likes to make trips to the office or paperwork, especially if you need a loan for personal usage. But honestly! The operations team at BigBull is amazing; they support you in the entire process.


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  • Competitive deals to select options basis Financials & Collateral.

  • Transparent Liaisoning.

  • Free Doorstep services.

  • A whole range of product options basis Financials & Collaterals.

  • Save Financial costs.

  • Complete Customer’s Privacy