Small Steps to a BIG LEAP!!

  • Back in the years when an Individual or Business entity used to require loans/Finances to support personal as well as operational needs, they had to run around Banks & Non-Banking Institutions. And Undoubtedly! It was not least a Herculean task for them. The Reason being they unintentionally go for complex Paperwork, and on top of that, it’s not sure they get funds on desired Terms & Interest rates.

  • All were the mixed reasons that inspired our Founders to design a Financial Service that could simplify Loan processing with instant turnaround time & attractive Interest rates. And this way BigBull came into the picture.

  • Initially, when our door opened, we were a few in numbers but now have a Large Team of Financial experts & Professionals spanning multiple Branches of pan India. In addition, we collaborate with leading Banks & Top-rated financial Brands for affordable and ease of funding.